Event FAQs

What sort of bike can I use for the event?

A gravel bike is ideal, but not necessary! The course is made up of a combination of gazetted local government roads and private farm roads, all very well maintained. There are no single track or technical sections, so even a road bike with 33mm or wider tyres is suitable.

Can I use an E-bike?

Yes, e-Bikes are permitted in the 20km Farmroad Flyer distance. Unfortunately, they are not permitted in any other distance though.

What should I wear on event day?

Whatever you feel comfortable riding in, so long as your bike is wearing your bike plate.

What extra items should I carry with me on event day?

It really depends what distance you’re doing, but as a general recommendation we would advise you to bring the following.

  • Appropriate nutrition (water bottle and snacks)
  • Spares kit (including a spare tube and repair kit)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Mobile phone (in case of emergency and for photo opportunities)

You will pass through aid stations along the course and there will be sweep vehicles to help you if need be, but bringing these items along with you will mean you’ll be back on the bike quicker in you encounter any mishaps.

Where does the event start and finish?

All riders will start and finish from Mazzuchelli Oval, in Nabawa.

What time does the event start?

The first group of riders will leave Mazzuchelli Oval at 8am. All start times are below.

  • 100 Mile (160km) Big Canola: 8am
  • 100km Fields of Gold: 9am
  • 60km Lupin Loop: 9.30am
  • 20km Farmroad Flyer: 10am
  • 10km Gravel Groms: 10.15am

Are there cut-off times?

Yes, there are cut-off times along the course for the 100 Mile (160km) and 100km distances. These are below.

100 Mile (160km)

  • 50km: 11am
  • 100km: 1.15pm
  • 130km: 3.10pm


  • 50km: midday

All riders must have completed the entire course by 5pm.

Where can I get a course map?

We are just putting the final touches on the courses and once they’re confirmed, you’ll be able to view the course maps. There are some parts of the course that you won’t be able to use outside of event time as they’re on private property, but most of the course will be accessible all year round.