Registration & Withdrawals


Backroads is all about getting together with your mates and having some fun. It’s all about riding and not about racing. It’s about the experience and is an event for everyone.

If you’re looking for a unique event experience, then Backroads is for you. It’ll take you through some of the most picturesque routes around, including through fields of wildflowers and canola crops whilst they’re in full bloom.

Registrations will open at 7am, Wednesday 1st June. Only those with early access will be able to register before then. 

Event Distances

100 Mile (160km) Big Canola

Entry Fee: $130

The 100 Mile Big Canola is the main event and includes 1,500m of elevation across a total of 160km of riding. It offers the ultimate challenge and will take riders through the most picturesque parts of the region.

The minimum age for the 100 Mile Big Canola is 19 years.

100km Fields of Gold

Entry Fee: $100

The 100km Fields of Gold is the perfect distance for those looking to challenge themselves with a triple digit ride but aren’t quite up to the challenge of the 100 Mile Big Canola.

The minimum age for the 100km Fields of Gold is 19 years.

60km Lupin Loop

Entry Fee: $75

The 60km Lupin Loop is great for riders who aren’t looking to go the triple digit distances but are looking for the ultimate rider experience. It’ll give you a great workout but will leave you with enough in the tank to still enjoy the afterparty.

The minimum age for the 60km Lupin Loop is 17 years.


20km Farmroad Flyer

Entry Fee: $45

The 20km Farmroad Flyer is perfect for newcomers and those who are still learning the roads. It offers a scenic ride through the local terrain, showcasing it at it’s best and will be sure to leave you wanting more.

The minimum age for the 20km Farmroad Flyer is 10 years.

The 20km Farmroad Flyer is the only distance where eBikes are permitted, however those riding eBikes will not be eligible for awards. 

10km Gravel Groms

Entry Fee: $25

The 10km Gravel Groms is perfect for those younger riders wanting to get in on the action, but not quite ready for the longer distances. We haven’t compromised on the enjoyment factor and have made sure that riders will still experience the fields of gold.  

The minimum age for the 10km  Gravel Groms is 8 years.

Please note that a late entry fee of $10 per entrant will apply to all registrations completed after midnight 14 August.  


All riders agree to the Withdrawal Policy as outlined within the Terms and Conditions agreed to upon entry.

Key details of the Withdrawal Policy have been outlined below. If you’d like to view the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Participants may transfer their entry to another rider, up until midnight 14th August. The replacement rider will need to pay a transfer fee of $15 upon accepting the entry. The original rider will not have their entry fee refunded. 

All registrations are non-refundable unless the rider has purchased the Change of Heart Policy during the time of entry.

Change of Heart Policy

The Change of Heart Policy can be purchased for an additional cost of $10 per entrant and must be purchased at the time of entry.

This entitles participants to a FULL refund on their event entry, should they need to withdraw for whatever reason. Participants will need to notify event staff of their withdrawal in writing, no later than one hour prior to their advertised start time.

Participants can notify event staff by emailing

The Change of Heart Policy MUST be purchased during the time of entry and cannot be added afterwards.