Event Rules

Backroads is an AusCycling Australian sanctioned event and will be conducted under the Rules of the UCI. You can find a copy of the AusCycling Australia Technical Regulations HERE.

If you are unsure about any of the rules, please get in touch by emailing backroads@theeventteam.com.au.


Although the course is conducted on gazetted government and private gravel roads, the roads are in fact open to traffic. The Backroads course is largely on very quiet roads typically with low traffic counts. It is important that road rules are obeyed at all times including staying on the left side of the road. At no time should riders cut corners onto the right side of the road.

Helmets must be worn at all times.

E-bike Rules

E-bikes are permitted in the 10km, 20km and 60km distances, however riders will not be eligible for category awards in the 60km distance. E-bike riders are not permitted to pace riders who are not riding E-bikes. If non-E-bike riders are found to be pacing/drafting off E-bikes, they will be disqualified from the race.

    Triathlon Bars & Aero Bars

    In accordance with the UCI regulations relating to group riding, triathlon or aero bars are not permitted.

      Bike Plates & Running Bibs

      Please ensure that your bike plate or running bib is easily visible so we know who you are.

      DO NOT tamper or bend your timing chip that is stuck on the back. This will result in a disqualification if you tamper with it or take it off.

      Bike Plates

      Must be cable tied to the front of the bike handle bars.

      Running Bibs

      Must be pinned to the front of your shirt.


        Littering along the course can result in disqualification. Waste bins will be provided at the designated course aid stations. Please respect the environment you are in.