Terms & Conditions of Entry

Although we’re all about the fun stuff, we do need to touch base on some of the serious stuff too, that means the Terms and Conditions.

These are an important part of any event and help to keep all our riders, staff, and volunteers safe on event day.

Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions carefully as these must be agreed to upon during registration. You can also view a signed copy of your Participant Dashboard HERE by viewing your entry.

PARTICIPANTS AGREEMENT WARNING: This is a legal document that affects your rights.


Please Note

The below Terms and Conditions of Entry apply to all participants in the 2024 Backroads Event. An entry to the Event will not be accepted until the participant registering has agreed to the below Terms and Conditions of Entry by electronically accepting it when registering, or by a parent or legal guardian if under the age of 18 years.


  1. Definitions


Entry Fee means the relevant fee (calculated under clause 4) for Your entry in the Event.


Event means the 2024 Backroads: Fields of Gold event proposed to be conducted by the Organiser on the event course on Saturday, 10 August 2024 under any event category.


Event Website means the website at www.backroadsgravel.com.au and any pages within that website.


Harm means death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage).


Interested Parties means the Organiser together with landowners, local councils and other public bodies, sponsors, governing bodies and suppliers in any way involved in the organisation or conduct of the Event.


Law means all acts and statutes (of the State of Western Australia or Commonwealth of Australia) enacted and all regulations, by-laws, requisitions or orders made under any Law from time to time.


Organiser means The Event Team Pty Ltd ABN 25 628 165 435 of PO Box 4041 Woodlands, Western Australia, 6018, its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, LOC and contractors. With the Organiser contactable at backroads@theeventteam.com.au or (08) 6245 2470.


You and Your means the person completing the online registration personally (or by a parent or guardian on his or her behalf where the participant is under the age of 18 years) or as an authorised agent for and on behalf of an Other Participant.


Other Participant means any other person for whom You complete the online registration for including anyone under 18.


  1. Registrations, personal information, acknowledgments
  1. By participating in the Event, You acknowledge that You have read the Terms and agree to be bound by them (whether or not You comply with clause 2(d)).
  2. You certify that You are 18 years of age or older as of Event date and have read this document and fully understand it or, if the Other Participant is under the age of 18 years on Event date, then:
    1. A parent or guardian must agree to be bound by these Terms and is responsible for all details provided of the Other Participant in the registration and that You fully understand it.
  3. The personal information that You have provided to the Organisers is:
    1. Correct and true come event time and if any details change You will contact the event organisers to update any out-of-date information; and
    2. You have the legal capacity to agree to these Terms; and
    3. You will not use a false name or impersonate another person in the online registration or in relation to the Event generally.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that:
    1. By clicking the “I AGREE…” box on an electronic copy of these Terms that will be provided to You as part of the online registration or by email following online registration that You will be bound by these Terms; and
    2. In any event, by participating in the Event You will be bound by these Terms (even if You fail to click the mandatory “I AGREE…” check box on an electronic copy of these Terms or if the Organiser does not receive confirmation that You have done so).


  1. Registration personal information changes
  1. Your Event registration must be completed, and no changes made after You have collected your timing chip at check in.
  2. In the event you need to update your personal information, You agree that You will contact the Organisers of the Event, or make the relevant changes online via Your registration login.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that no amendment may be made to an Event registration which would result in:
    1. False information being provided; and
    2. That the information provided is Your up-to-date personal information and that this is not a transfer of Event registration to another person.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that any changes to Your Event registration will not result in any part of the Event fee that has been paid being refunded by the Organiser.


  1. Payment and additional charges
  1. You must pay the Entry Fee, stated at the end of the registration, in full during the online registration once all relevant information has been provided, and that You understand Your spot is not secured until You have made the full payment stated in the registration.
  2. The Entry Fee varies depending upon the capacity in which You participate in the Event and the time at which payment is made and can be calculated according to the following table (which does not include any extras added during registration):

Entry Fees


Early Bird Pricing (1/12/2023 – 10/01/2024)

Standard Pricing (11/01/2024 – 29/07/2024)

Late Entry Pricing (30/07/2023 – 10/08/2023)

100 Mile (160KM) Big Canola

 $                     145.00

 $                    168.00

 $                      185.00

100KM Fields of Gold

 $                     105.00

 $                    125.00

 $                      145.00

60KM Lupin Loop

 $                       75.00

 $                      84.00

 $                      100.00

20KM Farmroad Flyer

 $                       40.00

 $                      45.00

 $                        55.00

10KM Gravel Groms

 $                       20.00

 $                      25.00

 $                        35.00

14KM Gravel Run

 $                       35.00

 $                      42.00

 $                        50.00

5KM Gravel Run

 $                       15.00

 $                      20.00

 $                        25.00

20KM Farmroad Flyer & 5KM Gravel Run

 $                       46.00

 $                      55.00

 $                        68.00

10KM Gravel Groms & 5KM Gravel Run

 $                       29.00

 $                      38.00

 $                        51.00

*Prices table can be subject to change at any point.

  1. AusCycling requirements
  1. All cycling parts of the Event are sanctioned by AusCycling Australia and as such You understand that a valid AusCycling license is required in order to participate in the Event.
  2. If the participant is not an Annual AusCycling member as of Event time and does not hold a valid AusCycling membership as per the AusCycling Australia website (https://www.auscycling.org.au/) then the participant must purchase the Event AusCycling Day License during registration.
  3. You understand that if the participant does not have a valid annual membership, then it is a mandatory additional cost to your Entry Fee that is listed above at the time.
  4. You understand that the membership or license covers you for insurance purposes in the event and this policy can be found on the AusCycling Australia website (https://www.auscycling.org.au/)
  5. You understand the Organiser may share some of the registration details to AusCycling to verify the annual membership number (if held), for results, and insurance purposes if required and can include, though not limited to:
      1. Name
      2. Contact details
      3. Address
      4. Registered event
      5. Result
  1. Refunds & Change of Heart
  1. You acknowledge and agree that You are not entitled to any refund where You, or the Other Participant, withdraws from the Event at any time or are unable to participate or complete the Event for any reason (including where You are incapacitated or declared medically unfit for any reason).  
  2. The Change of Heart policy for purchase during the registration process for $15 per participant per sub event in addition to the Entry Fee, can only be purchased during the registration process and cannot be added after the registration has been completed. 
  3. In the event You have purchased the Change of Heart during registration, clause 6(a) does not apply to You up until 1 hour prior to the registered Event advertised start time on the Event Website.
  4. In the event You withdraw within the 1 hour of the advertised Event start time, You understand that You will then fall under clause 6(a) and Your Change of Heart is no longer valid.
  5. You understand that the Change of Heart policy allows You to do either one of the following options as long as it falls within the timeframe of clause 6(c):
    1. Full refund of the entry fee set out on your confirmation email/receipt; OR
    2. A deferral to the following year (2025) subject to the section 7 below regarding the deferral policy.
  6. You understand that in order to withdraw from the Event or use the Change of Heart policy You must contact the Organisers and provide a reason for this.
  7. Optional items purchased during registration are non-refundable.
  8. The Organiser does not guarantee that the Event will take place at the time stated on the Event Website and reserves the right to delay the starting time of the Event or to alter the duration of the Event or any proposed Event activities, or to cancel or abandon the Event at any time at its discretion, where circumstances occur beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser including but not limited to bad weather, extreme heat, Government legislation, or other safety or security or public health concerns. Where the Event is delayed, altered, cancelled or abandoned in any circumstance, You agree that no refund of the Event Fee will be payable and that You will not have any claim for damages or loss of any kind against any of the Interested Parties.
  9. The Organiser is not obliged to ensure competitor items are distributed to all competitors.
  10. You understand that if You are completing the double (Ride & Run), as advertised on the Event WebsiteYou are responsible for making it back from the Gravel Run prior to the advertised start time of your chosen ride distance that is shown on the Event WebsiteYou understand that if you don’t make it back that the fee is non-refundable for the event that you don’t complete, and You will not be able to start after the advertised start time.


  1. Deferrals
  2. You understand that the option for a deferral will not be offered unless You have purchased the Change of Heart policy as per clause 6(b) and are withdrawing from the Event within the time specified under clause 6(c) & clause 6(d).
  3. You understand that once You confirm with the Organiser to defer Your entry until 2025, Your entry will no longer be refundable, and the Change of Heart policy outlined in section 6 will no longer be valid.
  4. You understand that if You change the distance you are entered in for the following year and the entry fee price is higher, You will be required to pay the additional fee. If You change the distance you are entered in for the following year and the entry fee price is lower, You understand that the difference will not be refunded.
  5. You understand that if an AusCycling Day License has been purchased for the Event, this will not be refundable and will not be transferred. If You require a Day License for the following year (2025) You will be required to purchase this during the new registration.
  6. You understand that the Change of Heart option will not be rolled over into the following years entry. If You want to purchase this option again, you may do so when completing your 2025 registration.
  7. All other items are also non-transferable to the following year. You also understand that the only item that is being transferred is the sub event entry fee that you have paid for the Event which is stated on Your confirmation receipt.
  8. You understand that the deferral is only valid for the following year and expires once online registrations close for the event.
  9. You understand that a new registration will be required once registrations open for the following year.


  1. Transfers
  1. In the event You have not purchased the Change of Heart policy stated in clause 6(b) during the registration process, you do have the option to transfer Your entry to someone else willing to do the same Event registered for, up until the 31/07/2024.
  2. If You have purchased the Change of Heart policy, the transfer option is not available for You in the event you need to withdraw.
  3. During the transfer process You must contact the Organiser and provide the email of the replacement participant.
  4. The new participant will complete a new registration and agree to these same Terms & Conditions and must pay a $20 transfer fee during the registration to complete the transfer of entry.
  5. Any Entry Fee or optional items paid by You will not be refunded by the Organisers. 
  6. Once a transfer is complete it is not reversable to the You.
  7. This does not include a transfer to the following years Event, or any other Event organised by the Organisers.


  1. Personal Conduct
  1. You are responsible for ensuring that:
    1. You are in an appropriate physical and mental condition to participate in the Event including taking into account Your level of general health, physical fitness, any physical or medical condition, physical and mental stamina and likelihood of fatigue;
    2. You have obtained adequate insurance to cover any injuries and loss or damage to Your property that occurs during the Event; and
    3. You do not participate in the Event while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; and
    4. You are capable of riding a bicycle or running at the basic level and are able to achieve the intended registered distance without support.
  2. You agree:
    1. That the Organiser may exclude You or the Other Participant the registration is for from the Event if deemed necessary by the Organiser under any circumstances or in the event of a breach of these Terms & Conditions; and
    2. That no participant who is under 18 years of age at the date of the Event will be allowed to participate unless the registration has been completed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years and has agreed to these terms.
  3. During the EventYou or the Other Participant this registration is for, must not engage in any conduct that may cause Harm to another participant or their property, or in any criminal activity, bad language or other antisocial behaviour that will interfere with the conduct of the Event or damage the reputation of the Event or the Interested Parties
  4. The Organiser reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to allow You or the Other Participant this registration is for, to participate in the Event or to require You or the Other Participant to immediately withdraw from the Event and leave an Event venue at any time if You breach these Terms, or otherwise where the Organiser determines it is in the best interests of the Event or the Interested Parties to do so, and in any such case You or the Other Participant will have no claim against the Organiser or the Interested Parties for any Harm You or the Other Participant may suffer and You will forfeit all Entry Fees.
  5. You acknowledge that You or the Other Participant must meet the course cut-off times advertised on the Event Website and must comply with all directions of the Organisers in respect of the Event.


  1. Event Risks
  1. You acknowledge that attending or participating in the Event involves inherent risks that may result in You or the Other Participant suffering Harm. These risks include, but are not limited to:
    1. Accidents resulting in Harm and arising from exposure to inclement or extreme weather conditions;
    2. Collisions resulting in Harm and or damage to persons or property;
    3. Acts of violence and other harmful acts (intentional or inadvertent) committed by participants or persons attending, or encountered during the Event and resulting in Harm;
    4. Wildlife that might be present at the advertised Event location;
    5. Accidents resulting in Harm caused by participant fatigue; and
    6. The conduct of the Event in a remote location with limited or no access to medical facilities and assistance, telecommunication services and emergency services and equipment which may result in Harm.


  1. Medical treatment and services
  1. You consent to receive and pay for any medical treatment where insurance may not cover such service/s (including without limitation, ambulance or emergency transportation) which is considered by the Organiser to be advisable or deemed reasonable before, during or after the Event and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Organiser for all costs associated with this medical treatment.
  2. Where You or the Other Participant receives medical treatment before, during or after the Event (at the request of or in consultation with the Organiser), You agree to provide a copy of the medical records for that medical treatment to the Organiser’s insurers upon request.
  3. If You receive medical treatment before, during or after the EventYou or the Other Participant consent to the Organiser providing to persons giving such medical treatment any medical information about You or the Other Participant that the Organiser has received in connection with Your participation in the Event (including in the online registration process). 



  1. Indemnity
  2. Youindemnify and hold harmless the interested parties to the fullest extent permitted by law, from and against all actions, claims, proceedings, demands, liabilities, losses, damages (including indirect and consequential loss), expenses, costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) whatsoever that may be incurred, as a direct or indirect result of your participation or the other participant in the event and/or participation in the event.


  1. Privacy and data
  1. You consent to the Organiser collecting and using Your name or the Other Participant registered, on the Event Website or other social platforms for promotional purposes and to the extent permitted by the Law.
  2. You consent to the Organiser sharing relevant personal information provided during registration to those Interested Parties that require it.
  3. You agree that photos taken at the Event can be used in advertising and promotional material for Backroads and its Organiser provided that all images will reflect behaviour that is appropriate and will meet community standards of acceptable dress and deportment and will not contain Your personal details, and the Organiser will remove those photos where requested by You.
  4. All data stored falls under the registration software companies Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and is not affiliated with the Organiser.
  1. Event cancelation
  1. You agree that the Organiser may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel or postpone the Event at any time before or during the conduct of the Event and if that occurs, neither You or the Other Participant will have any claim for damages or loss of any kind against the Interested Parties.
  1. Amendment of terms or event
  1. You acknowledge that the Organiser may amend these Terms at any time, in its sole discretion, and will post this on the WebsiteIf an amendment is important and will impact detrimentally on You, You agree that the Organiser can notify You by sending an email to the email address included in the online registration process.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that the Organiser may amend the Event and any format of it at its discretion in order to better the Event.
  1. Previous disclaimers
  1. To the extent there is any inconsistency, these Terms replace all previous Terms & Conditions in relation to the Event and the Organiser.


  1. Severance
  1. If any provision of this document is prohibited, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that provision will, as to that jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of the prohibition, invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions of this document or affecting the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.
  1. Public health
  1. You must follow Federal Government, Federal or State Health Department and State Public Health Orders or directions relevant to Western Australia before, during and after the Event if required.
  1. Your participation in the Event may involve risk. The risks involved may result in property loss or damage and personal injury including death. Prior to participating in the Event, you should ensure you are aware of all the risks involved, including those risks associated with any health condition You or the Other Participant may have. You acknowledge, agree, and understand that participation in the Event including the services provided by the Interested Parties may involve risk.
  2. You freely and voluntarily assume all risks associated with participating in the event including the risks described in clauses 8 and 18(a) and acknowledge that Your or the Other Participant’s participation in the event is entirely at your own risk and that you may withdraw from the event at any time.
  3. You also acknowledge that the risk warning in this clause 18 constitutes a ‘risk warning’ in accordance with relevant law including the Civil Liability Act 2002 (WA).
  4. Warning: if You participate in these activities your rights to sue the Interested Parties if You or the Other Participant are killed or injured because the activities were not supplied with due care and skill or were not reasonably fit for their purpose, are excluded, restricted or modified in the way set out in or on this notice.
  5. Note: the change to Your rights, as set out in or on this notice, does not apply if Your death or injury is due to gross negligence on the Interested Parties part. Gross negligence, in relation to an act or omission, means doing the act or omitting to do an act with reckless disregard, with or without consciousness, for the consequences of the act or omission.
  6. You acknowledge that You have read this assumption of risk and that it has been explained to You, if required. You fully understand its terms and that You have given up substantial rights by signing it. You signed the document freely and voluntarily without any inducement made to You and intend Your signature or other acknowledgement to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.