Event Overview

What It’s All About

Backroads is the newest edition to WA’s cycling calendar of events, bringing the discipline of gravel bike racing to the Midwest.

As a sport, gravel bike racing is a relatively new discipline and is one that has been gaining momentum worldwide. Although it has made its way to WA, there aren’t many event opportunities for you gravel enthusiasts to enjoy and that’s why Backroads has been developed.

Modern gravel racing has cycling returning to its origins where it started over a century ago when the pioneers of the sport did all of their racing on gravel surfaces. Everything old becomes new again.

Located in the Shire of Chapman Valley, Backroads offers you an event experience like no other. It provides an opportunity for riders to take the backroads, not the main roads and gives access to a network of roads you otherwise wouldn’t experience.

If you’re looking to explore new horizons, Backroads offers the perfect challenge for you.

Event Distances

100 Mile (160km) Big Canola

Entry Fee: $130
Minimum Age: 19 years

100km Fields of Gold

Entry Fee: $100
Minimum Age: 19 years

60km Lupin Loop

Entry Fee: $75
Minimum Age: 17 years

20km Farmroad Flyer

Entry Fee: $45
Minimum Age: 10 years
*eBikes permitted in this distance only*

10km Gravel Groms

Entry Fee: $25
Minimum Age: 8 years

Please note that a late entry fee of $10 per entrant will apply to all registrations completed after midnight 14 August.

Event Location

Backroads start and finish within the town of Nabawa, which is only a 25 minute drive from the City of Geraldton. You could not ask for a better backdrop, with riders rolling out of town and onto a network of undulating gravel and farm roads. The course route will offer riders the opportunity to experience the region at its picturesque best, showcasing the wildflowers and canola crops whilst they’re in full bloom.