Team Events


Congratulations to GIANT Ocean Keys Bike Shop who were the 2023 winners.

Keen to get a bike shop involved and knock off GIANT Ocean Keys as the 2023 winners, check out our KODA Bike Shop Challenge page by clicking below.


In 2024, Backroads will be again hosting the Teams Challenge.

This challenge encourages workplaces, friends, and families to form a team and partake in the event to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. It’ll take place across three distances – the 60km Lupin Loop, 100km Fields of Gold and the 100 Mile (160km) Big Canola.

Each team will consist of three riders, all within the same distance. The riders don’t need to stay together, but their team time will be the accumulated time of all three. E-Bikes are not allowed in the Teams Challenge.

The fastest team will earn themselves bragging rights and be awarded a trophy.


This challenge encourages more local involvement, through schools and community groups. This will be run across the three smaller distances – the 10km Gravel Groms, 20km Farmroad Flyer and 60km Lupin Loop. Participants will be able to nominate their school / community group through the registration system. 

The school / community group with the largest team (based on their current total numbers) will be crowned the winners.