Backroads Gravel Run

bike race geraldton 2022

In 2023 we introduced a new part of the Backroads event for those not so confident on the bike. Backroads Gravel Run!

In 2023 we only had one distance, the 14km gravel run. For 2024 we will also be offering a new distance and something that just about anyone can get involved in. A NEW 5km Gravel Run. So if you want to experience the fields of gold but you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, now you don’t have an excuse!

Keen to ride AND run still? We’ve got you covered. With the new 5km distance this is even more of a possability. Our start times (which can be viewed HERE) are set so that you can still ride the 20km or 10km events as long as you’re quick enough in the run. And for being so keen, we’ll give you a discount on the two events. Scroll down for more information.

If you have already registered for just the ride or just the run, feel free to get in touch and we can get you into the gravel double.

Entry Fees

*The double events (ride & run) have a combined entry fee discount which we have already included in the total entry price for those.*

Distance Early Bird
(Until 10/01/2024)
(11/01/2024 - 29/07/2024)
Late Entry
(30/07/2024 - Event Day)
14KM Gravel Run $35 $42 $50
5KM Gravel Run (NEW) $15 $20 $25
20KM Farmroad Flyer & 5KM Gravel Run $46 $55 $68
10KM Gravel Groms & 5KM Gravel Run $29 $38 $51

14KM Gravel Run

Early Bird (Until Jan 10) = $34

Regular (Until July 29) = $42

Late Entry (Until Event Day) = $50

5KM Gravel Run (NEW)

Early Bird (Until Jan 10) = $15

Regular (Until July 29) = $20

Late Entry (Until Event Day) = $25

20KM Farmroad Flyer & 5KM Gravel Run

Early Bird (Until Jan 10) = $46

Regular (Until July 29) = $55

Late Entry (Until Event Day) = $68

10KM Gravel Groms & 5KM Gravel Run

Early Bird (Until Jan 10) = $29

Regular (Until July 29) = $38

Late Entry (Until Event Day) = $51

Know someone you might want to gift an entry to!?

We’ve got you covered! Simply click HERE to purchase as many gifts as you need and then send them when your ready to the lucky person.

PLEASE NOTE, this is not a confirmed entry and is simply working like a digital gift card. If the entry is not used in 2024, then it will no longer be valid for future years.

What to know before registering

Change of Heart Withdrawal

Don’t forget that all participants will have the option to purchase the Change of Heart policy during registration. This covers you to withdraw for any reason up until 1 hour prior to the advertised start time. 

If you decide to withdraw and have the Change of Heart, you will have the option of either two withdrawal types:

1. Receive a full entry fee refund, OR;

2. Defer your entry until 2025 for your current sub event at the price you paid during registration.

Terms and conditions apply. PLEASE NOTE, this cannot be added after you have entered and refunds or a deferral will not be offered if you haven’t purchased this additional option. Full terms and conditions can be viewed HERE.

Doing the Double

If you’re keen to do both a ride and the run on the same day, we’ve got you covered.

Runners will have the option of either riding in the 10km or 20km event on the same day. If you would like to do both you will need to register for the double.

The total entry fee accounts for both the ride and run fee combined, less a discount (this has already been calculated into the total entry price).

Please note specific rules apply when doing the double.

1. All terms and conditions and race rules apply for the ride and the run. To view all ride specific information, click HERE.

2. You are responsible for making it back to the event start/finish site from your run ready to go for the ride. If you return from your run after the start of your chosen ride, you will not be permitted to ride in the event. NO late starters are permitted.

3. If you do not make it back for the ride or decide to pull out of either the run or the ride on the day, you will not be able to get a refund for the sub event you do not complete.

4. The entry is for one person ONLY and can’t be used for two people (same person in the ride and run).